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SB Portal is our CMS

CMS (Content Management System) is the web application that allows you to update the contents of the portal independently.
The website is the way you disseminate new initiatives, improve online communications on Web 2.0 perspective, graphics integrated for events and news.

SB Portal is SB Soft CMS totally customizable, both graphically and in content, and it is easy to update through its administration panel.
SB Portal, can be also integrated with CRM or other business software.

In SB Portal you may merge several "figures", each with specific roles:

• The administrator, who chooses the operators, giving them the areas to work on;
• The operator, inserting and editing content in their areas of competence.

The main features of content management system are:

• Interfaces management , based on web browser to update the page;
• Use of graphic templates for presentation;
• Management of roles of users and specific workflow capabilities;
• Database for storing images , text content , graphics and multimedia;
• Newsletter and messaging ( SMS ) management;
• Management and classification of links,news,faq,events;
• Polling and research;
• Management and SEO optimization for indexing of search engines.