Sure Step Methodology

Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) is a set of tools, best practices, attitudes, patterns, and other disciplines, collected over the years by Microsoft , to help and guide in the development of software systems.

Microsoft Solutions Framework,born in the early 90s and made public in 1993, has been updated constantly,in 2006 releases the Solution Visual Studio Team System and Team Foundation Server .

This Solution is divided into different levels , from the Microsoft Solutions Framework Core , which must be adapted to the current context, to specific implementations,which can be used directly instead.

Framework can also be used in combination with Team Foundation Server, Team Explorer, Windows Sharepoint Services, Reporting Services, Microsoft Project and Microsoft Excel, which give access to additional functions (planning , management and documentation of the source code,tracking of activities,bug,risks,etc.)


Microsoft within Team Foundation Server provides two different versions:

“Microsoft Solutions Framework for Agile Software Development”: version suitable for small teams, or teams who want to be more agile and do not require too much traceability practices and more prescriptive;

“Microsoft Solutions Framework for CMMI Process Improvement”:": version suitable for medium to large teams, or teams that need to have better traceability and require more prescriptive practices (for compliance with ISO quality certificates or similar).

Previously, up to version 3,Microsoft Solutions Framework Microsoft Solutions Framework was available only as a set of documentation and whitepapers, but this had limited adoption because there were no instruments that facilitated the adoption.

In later versions instead be used both without a tool, both in combination withTeam Foundation Server, Team Explorer, Windows Sharepoint Services, Reporting Services, Microsoft Project e Microsoft Excel,giving access to the functionality of planning, management and documentation of the source code,tracking tasks,bugs,risks,etc

Up to version 3Microsoft Solutions Framework was available in a single edition, which was then customized and integrated depending on the project, the team, the type of schedule,etc ...

The customization was necessary becauseMSF was not a methodology that defined every aspect of the construction process of the software, but it was a Framework, which is a set of tools, mentality, and best practices, which were adapted to the context in which they were used , and that if used properly ensured a high success rate.

Since version 4.0 instead it is divided into different levels starting from Microsoft Solutions Framework Core to get to specific implementations.

Microsoft Solutions Framework Core is still a Framework according to the original conception, that can not be used directly but must be dropped in the current context.

Concrete implementations of Core version (also called "products") may instead be used directly, although it is still recommended to adapt, at least in small part, to its own context.