In a competitive market where companies keep changing so fast we always have to look forward.

We can help you. We are able to provide the best tech solution suited around your needs, we always move with the times.

We offer you a path for your strategic development, structured andplanned,we make the most of your resources in order to take advantage of new business opportunities and optimize , long-term, your tuoi technology investments.

Interactions in real time via custom technology solutions for intelligent intelligent communications,, simple and safe.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the best solution for you.

SB Soft is a trusted partner of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Our staff, is highly qualified and certified, will guide you step by step in understanding the potential of Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, customizing it according to business needs.

We will teach you to transform your business to serve your customers and make it the best.

Competitive advantages

Mapping a workflow

Graphical mapping of whole set of processes and activities that contribute to the realization of the final product.The requirement on which we base our analysis of the value chain is not only the improvement of single process, but a global continuous optimization.

Business Projects

A team of professionals , and years of experience, will be your Company Consultants that will guide you, from the definition of your project and the strategic moves, to the operational architecture for your transformation processes. A team can configure a strategy, directly related to your company vision and mission.


We help you to achieve the most successful strategy for your business. An enterprise strategy is the action plan to develop a series of initiatives aimed to increase the volume of your business, to attract and satisfy customers, to successfully compete on the market,to carry out operational tasks and improve financial and company performances

Improvement process

With us you will reach your goals. The improvement process aims to obtain results.More profit, less time and cost..