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SB Soft built its experience on the latest Microsoft technologies.

Cloud is a modern technology, which allows companies to "rent" a software rather than buying it, saving, the initial investment in IT, not giving up a high-performance software.

This system has created a new business model, which allows companies to reduce their internal IT capabilities, buy it to use as needed, saving, in resources and in the purchase of hardware and software. Introduction of this type of services offered to the first cloud computing providers new ways to cover the costs of their infrastructures and pass these savings on to customers.

We translate the idea of our corporate customers,
and we transforming it into IT solutions designed and developed with new technologies.

For of all sizes of businesses.

According to Forrester Research,the result was, that more and more companies, from small to large,that are using the method to save and have a Cloud software always available with small resources.

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