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PowerDataQ | Data Cleansing Service for Microsoft Dynamics 365

For modern companies it is important to have data consistency validation systems, and data enrichment services that implement a strategic approach to ensure greater analytical productivity. Having a large database is not always synonymous with a company resource, if it contains inaccurate data or information that is fragmented or inaccurate.
For this reason, we recommend our PowerDataQ service for all our customers, because it not only optimizes databases, but also generates value for their marketing and sales teams.
Our Data Cleansing solution helps to format, classify, modify, replace, organize, and correct the information collected from various data sources, in order to create a unique and homogeneous database. Using our PowerDataQ service, we help you organize your Database in order to make direct marketing or sales campaigns more efficient.
Our solution allows for correcting all of the irregularities present in your data, updating your old databases thanks to advanced technologies and, most importantly, carrying out integrity checks on emails, shipping addresses, and much more.

Our services include:
– Identifying and deleting duplicate records;
– Identifying and deleting all dirty, inaccurate, corrupted, and obsolete, data;
– Identifying variables of an existing database;
– Email validation and checking whether a bounce is generated or not;
– Database Cleaning Services;
– Correction and cleaning of the Postal Address Database;
– We add the missing data such as first and last name, date of birth, phone, and postal code;
– We check and identify similar records after a manual review;
– We identify similar data using fields that contain similar values;
– We link and consolidate multiple data sources;
– We correct all errors due to incorrect keystrokes or incorrect information imported.

Benefits of choosing the PowerDataQ solution created by the SB Soft team
– Compliance with Data Quality Management standards;
– Cost Savings;
– The security of data managed by an ISO 27001 certified company;
– Latest technologies adopted within the PowerDataQ solution;
– Customizable service according to your needs;

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