Customer Segmentation and Profiling

Customer Life Time Value

Increase Sales

Shopping Cart and Store Analysis

Next Best Action

Sentiment Analysis / Customer’s Voice

Customer segmentation and profiling

If you want to launch new offers for customers and having marketing lists that generate revenue or new digital personalized marketing campaigns, our Customer Analytics solutions can help you quickly and easily. Our Data Scientists, thanks to an advanced segmentation technique for clustering, will allow your sales force to raise the sales and your marketing department to effectively communicate to your customers.
Customer Life Time Value

Knowing and understanding the life cycle of your customer provides benefits during the Budget planning and defines priorities to your customers.  Lifetime Value helps your team to define the forecast and improve your company revenue.

Acquire and retain customers: Lifetime Value allows you to better understand how and what your customer spends his money on.
Thanks to this customer behavior you can take the best decisions to increase your company profit.

Targeted Marketing: By using Lifetime Value, you will understand that not all customers have the same importance. The basis of segmentation by Lifetime Value is to analyze and predict which customers that might be more profitable for the company and especially what are the characteristics they have in common.

Cross Selling & Upselling

The companies that are able to identify customers who have a high potential purchase are the companies that can manage to define their own strategies for upselling and cross selling.
Upselling and Cross Selling techniques are enable to reduce costs to acquire new sources of income and simultaneously increase the lifetime value of customers. Our analytics tools and Acquisition Pattern Analysis and Collaborative Filtering analyze customer needs identifying new potential sales and customer purchase patterns. We can help you:

• Identify possible prospects for cross-selling
• Identify products and services with the best price to offer
• Building scorecard that may calculate customer bent for target set of products.

Market Basket Analysis and Product Bundling

By using Market Basket Analysis, our Data Scientists are able to help you to understand what bundle of products could be purchased by your customers and in what sequence.
Knowing and understanding the combination of products and their close relationship makes the high-value information that can be used to create targeted campaigns, cross-selling and up-selling, or offering coupons and promotions. Thanks to our algorithms, we have the ability to build the offers that have allowed some of our customers to improve sales performance by 20%.
Our algorithm is able to help our customers in the following areas:
• Assortment Planning and Shelf Storage
• Online media sites and retailers can delivery of content based on segmentation of their customers
• Build a recommendation engine (i.e. Amazon\’s engine that can advise the customer other products based on the last purchase made)
• Targeted Marketing: based on the past buying patterns, send customers products and / or services to which they may be interested.


Recommendation Engine e Next Best Action (NBA)

Our Recommendation Engine is able to analyze thousands of products, sales, purchasing pattern, made by customers and show in real time to visitors recommended products not only based on past purchases they have made, but also based on the product they are seeing in that moment. The engine is able to capture the sales routes taken by all your customers, interactions with social media, interactions with the digital world (Text messages, Newsletter, QR Code, Digital Offers, APP) and learn what are the needs of the customer. In addition this would allow to understand and approach the best way your customer and guarantee him a global experience with all the sales point.
• These are some of our solutions focus:
360-degrees view of the customer of marketing events management
• Predictive analysis (Next Best Offer)
• Coordination between communication channels


PowerBI Next Best Action (NBA) Solution

La prima piattaforma di Next Best Action sviluppata su tecnologia Microsoft PowerBI


PowerBI Next Best Action (NBA) Solution

The first Next Best Action platform developed on Microsoft PowerBI technology

Predictive analysis with PowerBI and Cortana Intelligence Suite

Our Customer Analytics solution presupposes the use of the latest Microsoft technologies to determine the future company performance and helps the business in its best possible choices.
Thanks to PowerBI Microsoft and to our engine based on Machine Learning Technology “R”, you can visualize and explore the predictive results generated by our algorithms.