Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM (Customer Relationship Management),is a 360°Customer Management Software oriented. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the right solution for any company, because it helps to better manage and reduce costs, with your customers.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers solutions in all markets , to allow in Your Organization to consolidate old customers and acquire new ones.

Platform covers:Sales, Support ,Digital Marketing, Social Marketing and Big Data.

Drive sales productivity

Engage your customers

Develop your potential

Listen everywhere

Microsoft Dynamics CRM will engage your customers, thanks to a relevant and personalized service , at any time and through any channel.. Increase the efficiency of your employees! With Microsoft Dymanics CRM you will have all the information you may need to ensure the quality of service!
Purchasing decisions begin even before contact with the sales. Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows you to reinvent and increase sales based on purchasing decisions . Each customer contact becomes relevant and productive .
It 's important to engage customers in innovative ways and through new channels , while keeping track of the results of the investments made in marketing . With Microsoft Dynamics CRM we help to develop your potential to plan, execute and measure a charming digital marketing campaigns, from start to the end. . Involve your customers , creating pipeline and demonstrating the impact of your actions !
The opinions in social networks can facilitate customer experiences , providing the resonance of the messages and highlighting trends that have an impact on your brand. Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables sales teams , customer support and marketing to offer unique experiences through social networking tools made directly into Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Microsoft Social Engagement

Today social networks are a privileged channel of communication not only for young people, but also for companies. They offer, new opportunities for marketing strategies business, just think of the emergence of business information.

When users interact on social networks, generate information. Companies, as well, can come into direct contact with their customers, fidelizzandoli, through the publication of a brand, a product, a service, selecting a target audience with precision. The opinions in social networks can facilitate customer experiences, providing the resonance of the messages and highlighting trends that have an impact on your brand.

With Microsoft Social Listening opinions are transformed into opportunities, maintaining relationships with customers.

Is possible thanks to the integration into your CRM solution, or as a standalone solution, use the power of social networks on the web in 19 languages, and monitor the opinions in six languages.

Microsoft Social Engagement platform allows you to analyze the sentiment of your customers by analyzing the post inside the social network. The internal engine platform establishes quickly if they are positive, negative or neutral.  Social Engagement allows you to analyze the trend day after day and then be able to formulate your posts and your sales strategies in the best way.
Integrate social data to your Dynamics CRM 365

Integrate social data to your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM application. Hook the social data, it allows you to interact with the “Customer Evolution” and you can easily create Leads, opportunities, identify the client happy and unhappy with their dialogue and to boost your brand reputation.