“We help Sales Associates create a unique experience, thanks to their one-to-one relationship with the customer”


With CRM4Retail, the Sales Associate can have a series of information on the customer, and thanks to these, he/she can organize personalized messages and define a unique experience for each customer. Through the “Insight” engine integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the PowerNBA engine, the system defines the Next Best Actions that the client associate must take towards customers.

CRM4Retail also offers the Client Associate a series of tools and information about the customer such as, the client book, the history of in-store orders and e-commerce orders, the wishlist, and much more.

Customize each customer’s experience.

Give your sales associates a profile full of information about each customer thanks to preferences, wishlist, and past purchases.

Provide a 360° view of the customer by integrating all the information within the Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement.

Understand customers’ needs by analyzing their movements within e-commerce and their basket analysis.

Build a relationship with your TOP and VIP customers

Manage your TOP and VIP customers client book

Take notes, track birthdays, and anniversaries

View all the products that the customer has purchased and recommend a “total look”

Capture all the information you feel is necessary to track a storyline to remind you about the period when you obtained the information


Interact with your customers even after they leave your store

Include images and product links in messages

Use templates to say the right thing at the right time

Use the workflows provided by the platform to automate communications or interactions with your customers (e.g.: Phone Call, Thank you card, Welcome Email, and much more)


Send a message to your customer when the item he ordered has arrived correctly.
Be creative and send your customer’s the new looks that you have created just for them
Build a relationship of trust aided by all the communication channels.