“Framework Platform to better manage your clienteling App in the store.”

CRM4Retail is a Cloud-Based platform integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365, ready for mobile phones and created based on Sales Associate’s needs.

SB Soft has created the first clienteling platform dedicated to the Retail world, and fully integrated with Dynamics 365, that supports sales associates in finding all the information necessary to provide a unique and immersive customer experience.

The CRM4Retail platform is an application developed entirely to be integrated with all the platforms available on the market. User Experience has been designed to be mobile first and, therefore, provide an innovative, extremely easy to use tool to manage customers associated with your company.

The platform has been designed to ensure integration with very complex and heterogeneous IT systems.
The Framework made available by the CRM4Retail platform makes use of APIs in oData 4.0 technology that allows system integrators to quickly and easily save or retrieve all information.

The ISO 27001 certification makes our platform framework secure and GDPR compliant.

Moreover, thanks to “Office 365authentication, our application is also integrated into the Microsoft ecosystem in a simple and native way.


  • Scalability

    The cloud architecture on the AZURE platform, allows our application to be distributed anywhere in the world and, therefore, to be accessible from any type of device and/or IT platform. Thanks to our partnership with Microsoft, our infrastructure is scalable and seamlessly grows with your business. To date, we have helped customers of all sizes, from small businesses that have five stores, to those that have over 1000 stores throughout the world.

  • Development Tools

    The APIs made available by CRM4Retail ensure that the IT department or the system integrator can interface and customize the solution within Microsoft Dynamics 365.

  • CRM4Retail is an Integration Hub

    Our platform allows bi-directional flow to and from external platforms. All data can be normalized, thanks also to the PowerDataQ engine developed by SB Soft

  • Data Management

    Integrating and organizing information from any data source becomes child’s play. Moreover, the system integrator or IT department does not have to worry about sending data to Dynamics 365, our platform takes care of everything.

Adapt the in-store experience by meeting your customers’ needs

The next generation Retail experience depends not only on increasing data integration, but on how such data is managed to facilitate better and faster decisions.

Using a platform like CRM4Retail allows you to integrate your old and new systems within a single Hub and, from the latter, conveys direct customer approach models to individual sales associates.

Thanks to a tool such as CR4Retail, you will be able to quickly determine processes, thus establishing pilot programs for some stores and/or some Sales Associates, and checking the effects on customer’s in-store traffic and purchasing changes in real time

The CRM4Retail platform, totally integrated within Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows for continuous development of functionality by building processes on existing systems.