The CRM4Retail platform helps Sales Associates sell more, and better. Thanks to the predictive engine and easy-to-use interface, we are able to provide customer real-time information, such as, for example: their latest e-commerce purchases, wishlists, latest products purchased in stores and in which stores, and much more.

In addition, CRM4Retail includes a series of advanced reports that help manage omnichannel sales.


The platform provides a catalog platform, which is powered directly by the API made available by the CRM4Retail Framework.

Moreover, the platform allows for viewing the “total look” or the related products. Supported by the PowerNBA engine, the system displays products that may be of interest to the customer based on complex algorithms that analyze ecommerce browsing, perform basket analysis, email reaction, and much more.

“Making a product available to Sales Associates that analyzes customers in real time, allows for doubling sales within a very short time.”


The application makes stock management available in real time by using all available channels. It will be a breeze to order a product from another store, or order from the online catalog and pick it up in-store, or have it delivered at home.

Product Knowledge

Turn your Sales Associate into a Storyteller. Help them find, and easily display all the information on the brand and the product to the customer thanks to sharing of marketing material.

“CRM4Retail is a tool that allows you to reduce lost sales by 70% thanks to omni-channel visibility of stock”