A SB Soft the award for
Public Sector Italian Partner
of the year 2012

SB Soft, was awarded with a prestigious prize “Public sector Italian Partner of the year 2012” at the Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC), held in Toronto from 8 to 12 July 2012 , bringing together partners from all over the world .

The prize was awarded for having developed and implemented the solution “HCRM” – Hospital customer relationship management – dedicated to public health facilities and private , that can streamline and make efficient management system of the patient , the cycles of therapy and centers medical and hospital . In addition, the experience in the IT industry and in the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM , and continuously investing in research and development , have helped to determine the choice of the Microsoft Management for the Italian company .

“This award is one of the most important awards that a partner can receive,

this award encourages us to continue on that path of constant research and development that has allowed us to create something unique that Microsoft and other partners look with pride.” said Dr.Fulvio Giaccari, Product Manager of SB Soft srl. " I thank the staff and the customers , and we hope that this award will be a prelude of future economic development for our company".

HCRM presents itself as innovative and unique solution.

thanks to the mathematical algorithm based , and real-time , process data for doctors , paramedics , equipment and surgeries, you can book your appointment for patient more efficiently. . In addition to this integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, garantisce la ensures the optimal management of each patient and the traceability of all internal operations , from first contact through to service delivery and billing .