“Empower your Sales Associate with Omni-channel catalog management.”

Communication between Sales Associates

The CRM4Retail platform enables the various Sales Associates to manage cross-store communications. This allows for increasing collaboration between store employees and managers at headquarters.

Share Ideas and Information

Thanks to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform and the Microsoft collaboration products suite, now your Sales Associates can receive announcements directly from headquarters, or create private chats or discussion groups where they can share documents and information.

KPIs and Indicators

The CRM4Retail platform helps to cluster customers based on KPIs and Indicators. Supported by this information, creating sales clusters, or recognizing a customer’s potential is really simple.
All KPIs and indicators are calculated based on each individual customer’s sales every day, and allow for having an updated mapping of their customer base.

Targeted One-To-One Communications

By enabling KPIs and Indicators, you can send targeted communications based on customer clusters. For example, some of the indicators are:
– Life Time Value (LTV)
– Spending Range
– Preferred Store
– Preferred Sales Associate
– Customer Type: Foreign/Domestic
– Loyalty

Predictive Engine

Thanks to the predictive engine, we can analyze the purchasing behavior of all your customers in real-time, whether online or in-store. This helps your sales associates to optimally engage customers by showing them products that might be of interest to them.